Conquer the ultimate ultramarathon on the planet
the Comrades
Over a hundred years Comrades had been attracting runners’ attention to come to Durban, South Africa and test their endurance over the hilly 90 km course, see one of the most picturesque landscape and experience an atmosphere of unity, camaraderie and true running!
Comrades training programme
My name is Leonid Shvetsov and I announce an online group preparation for Comrades marathon-2022 under my guidance and training programme
I am two-time Comrades winner and up and down runs record-holder, two-time Olympian and former Russian national marathon record-holder. I am eager to help you prepare for this Ultimate human race and get that desired medal!

Comrades is not just another ultramarathon. It is…
This year’s race is a ‘down run’ from Pietermaritzburg to Durban across the beautiful landscape of South Africa
Fifteen thousand runners line up at the starting line at 5:30AM, sing Shosholoza song and take off for a hours-long journey
Tens of thousand of supporters cheer, shout and greet every competitor along the route
All finishers are awarded with one six commemorative medals, depending on the finish time or place
Comrades in numbers
the number of runners at the start of the first Comrades on May, 24, 2021
25 000
up to this date the largest allowed number of runners at the starting line
hours - you have not more
in order to get a medal
min/km - the average winner’s pace among men in 2016-2018
min/km - the average winner’s pace among women in 2016-2018
the ‘up run’ record set by Leonid Shvetsov in 2008
What's inside the training programme
We begin with evaluation of your current physical condition as a future Comrades runner. Even if you are not a Comrades novice, we need to understand and guarantee that the upcoming preparation will not harm your health. Head coach Leonid Shvetsov will handle brief personal interview to find out your intentions and goals.
The preparation itself includes four phases, each phase is a logical continuation of the previous one
Create a foundation
(1-8 weeks)
This stage’s main objective is to create a solid foundation, so that you become capable of running high kilometers in the next two phases. To be exact - it will include working on your runner-specific strength qualities and a some accent on your running technique in order you run efficiently and injury-free.

Two video analyses of your running technique will be performed during phase one - one in the very beginning and the other one in the end. The purpose of that is to evaluate you running, uncover potential mistakes and/or mis-functions in order to correct them.

At first weekly milage will be low, but you’ll perform a lot of strength and running drills. Later on towards the end of phase one your running volume will become more like it’s it going to be in the next two phases
Developing and adaptation
(9-16 weeks)
The main content of this phase is long and fairly slow distance running, partly on a hilly terrain. Therefore, it is important that you plan your training courses accordingly. If hills are scarce in your area, we’ll suggest options for substitution. This is needed to achieve adaptation of your musculoskeletal system to Comrades course peculiarities.

Running will be accompanied by skipping and jumping drills and other dynamic exercises. All of them have purpose to develop qualities necessary to run up- and downhills. Also, we will be working on certain technical features of hilly terrain running. Exercises will include (but not limited to) plyometrics, performed right during running sessions.

By the end of this phase your body should be ready for more demanding intensive training.
Learning secrets
(17-24 weeks)
This phase is going to develop and increase your anaerobic threshold capabilities. Although ultramarathon running doesn’t usually involve high intensity performance, yet anaerobic or lactate threshold training develops the runner's economy in terms of biochemical approach.

Comrades course is full of several steep uphills where some runners are forced to switch to walking or even stopping due to loss of power. Higher lactate threshold level combined with better physical strength allows to run more and walk less on such occasions, recover sooner and resume running once the uphill is over.

Another focus of this phase is selection of your gear and nutrition for the race. Both are important for successfull completion the race, and may differ from one runner to the other. We will tell you about nutrition options during the race, the layout of refreshing and water stations and what sort of additional carbolading is needed.

Of course, a lot of training should be performed over hilly terrain.
Final approach
(25-26 weeks)
Final approach, fine-tuning or tapering - whatever you name it, this one is also a very important phase. Your training load will be decreased to minimum.

There will be a few high-intensity training sessions but in a very small amount. One thing is for sure: if you complete at least 90% of our training programme you will be ready for this epic race, that will leave indelible impressions, emotions and memories!
Rate plans
Assistance with gear and race day nutrition selection
Personal Telegram chat with your coach
Two running technique video analyzes (first in the very beginning, second - eight weeks later)

Individualization of your training plan according to your level
99 $ per month
Personal interview with Leonid before training begins
594 505$ for one-time payment
(15% discount)
Access to Telegram chat with other participants
Your personal race plan made by your coach
Weekly coach’s feedback about your condition, training progress, etc
129$ per month
Personal Telegram chat with your coach and Leonid Shvetsov
Three video analyzes (3rd one in a state of fatigue)
774 658$ for one-time payment
(15% discount)
Personal interview with Leonid before training begins
Individualization of your training plan according to your level
Your personal race plan made by Leonid Shvetsov
Monthly ZOOM session with personal coach and Leonid to coordinate your progress
Access to Telegram chat with other participants
HRV-based planning of your training load and recovery
Assistance with gear and race day nutrition selection
649$ per month
3894 3310$ for one-time payment
(15% discount)
You get Leonid Shvetsov as your personal coach
Assistance with gear and race day nutrition selection
Personal Telegram chat with Leonid Shvetsov
Monthly running technique video analyzes
Individualization of your training plan according to your level
Access to Telegram chat with other participants
Your personal race plan made by Leonid Shvetsov
As much communication as you need
HRV-based planning of your training load and recovery
Become a part of Comrades history

Does the algorithm give out the training program?

We believe in personal communication and immersion in a specific request of a person - this is the approach that gives the result. Our trainers and Leonid watch your every workout and they are the ones who guide you along the training path, and not just start it.

What if I get sick?

The motto of Comrades Marathon is "It will humble you". This ultra-marathon begins long before the official start - and requires discipline, patience and perseverance in preparation. We assume that different things can happen: illness, business trip, force majeure, and we are ready to adjust your program, but you should also be aware that any deviation from the training program can affect your result in the race.

What if I get injured?

It is important to immediately tell the coach about this - we give basic recommendations! After that, you need to overstock. In training, this means always taking a step back or stopping before fully recovering. In a likely situation, we will pause your preparation until the moment of disappearance and save the purchase.

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